roundAboutNow and

It turns out that roundAboutNow is now round About Nowhere -- but I'm doing all of what I was doing at roundAboutNow (and more) at

Actually, as you know by now if you've already clicked on that link, has now retired from the web (at least for the moment -- well, perhaps I should just go ahead and say "at least for the decade") because the site was hacked. I'd left it up for a long time because people with an interest in religion and culture continued to find the site. But now I've taken it down. Occasionally I get the urge to do it again, and I might do it or something like it. But not now.

One thing that's sligtly more likely is I'll move the existing oRc archives to a site that's less hackable.

If you're looking for me instead of merely for oRc, try this other simple site.

Edited on ... February 28, 2006